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  1. DontTellDad 1wk 3d ago

    Quote by pikachu36 I try to! I'm just getting out of a nasty depression so I feel pretty good at the moment :) The hardest life lesson to learn is deff to love yourself.

    really? it seems everyone is depressed that i know.. im happy youre better tho
    its also good to learn to be honest with yourself... and everyone else too and that means just being the real you... not acting i mean

  2. DontTellDad 1wk 5d ago

    Quote by pikachu36 Yeah I completely agree :/ I do miss that factor of being a child, I mean being an adult has it's perks, but the fun gets replaced by stress and that's just not cool lol. Gets a lot harder these days to have as much fun, but I make do ^^

    stress + responsibility = >_<

    at least you seem to have a positive attitude kyle

  3. DontTellDad 2wk 1d ago

    Quote by pikachu36 haha If I was good at editing an animation, I would so make that happen lol.

    it would be awesome to see irl... to bad its only an anime
    you remember when you were a kid and that kind of stuff seemed like it was all real? it was more fun being a kid... well sometimes it was

  4. DontTellDad 2wk 3d ago

    Quote by pikachu36 lol it is hard to imagine, but it would be funny too see, meh perhaps one day it will happen, idk lol

    if pikachu can type and post he could maybe play the keyboard... omg... now i have an image of ash and pikachu doing a piano duet... XD

  5. DontTellDad 3wk 2d ago

    Quote by pikachu36 Please call me Pikachu or Kyle :)

    ok kyle it is cuz i can't imagine a posting pikachu... well maybe but youre a guy not an anime char...

  6. DontTellDad 4wk 1d ago

    Quote by pikachu36 It's cool, no worries at all. I have days like that as well.

    thank you... um... DJ?

  7. DontTellDad 4wk 6d ago

    Quote by pikachu36 You make it sound like i'm older then you by a lot. Your not that far behind me. I can't add people and try to make friends with?

    no... sorry its ok. i was in one of my moods that day

  8. DontTellDad 6wk 0d ago

    an older man wants to be my friend huh... lol

    k then... i guess

  9. gadisitugirl 28wk 3d ago

    Hi! XD

  10. agent-Achika 46wk 6d ago

    -How have you been since we last spoke
    Earlier in the year.
    Remember me?
    -Got any big festive plans for today?
    -Buying or receiving gifts from anyone?
    -Doing any cooking at all?
    -Traveling to any foreign countries for New Yrs?
    -See any recent new anime films?

  11. Meldacaniel Aug 09, 2016

    Quote by pikachu36 Right on I love lotr saga. Long films, but really good. WIsh there was more of them tbh. My work is productive, but it's fun. I am a DJ/ Producer for about 8 years and I get to work at home for the most part.

    arent they making another lotr flick? yep, i luv the films n the books 2.. meldacaniel is elfish for my real name mandy.. id tell u urs but i dont know what it is. so you produce music 2? is that very hard? u must have lots of equipment.. n how d u keep the neighbors from complaints bout the loud music? lol

  12. Meldacaniel Aug 09, 2016

    Quote by pikachu36 Yea I can be, sorry for that. I tend to think more than I speak. Depending on the topic though I could talk your ear off lol. Sorry for the late responses. My work has been keeping my very busy.

    no apology needed and i gotcha on that 1.. i mean talkin bout stuff. some guys really like star trek r star wars or fallout or skyrim etc and they can talk 4ever about that... theyre ok but i rly like lotr i mean lord of the rings so dont get me started lol.. yep, work is so important so its ok 4 late replies

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