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  1. agent-Achika Dec 28, 2018

    Long time no see.
    -Travel anywhere for the holidays?
    -Receive any fun gifts from anyone?
    -Buy or bake any fun meals for Xmas?
    -How was the weather wherever
    U were on Xmas morning?

  2. agent-Achika Nov 22, 2018

    Did U have fun?

  3. agent-Achika Dec 20, 2017

    Gd Mornin Pikachu36!
    -I'm just now finishing up my semester.
    Won't be back in school until Spring 2018.
    Next year will be my last before I
    can transfer to a 4 year campus.
    -I've been extra busy with my studies
    & havn't had time to view any series.
    Let alone view LA films.
    I've seen a few recently though.
    I wanna see: Paddington 2,
    & Black Panther.
    Both of those films come
    out next in 2018.
    For now I wanna see the current
    film called: The Shape of Water.
    It's already been nominated for
    7 golden globe awards.
    It looks really weird but exciting.
    -Is the series: 91 days (anime take on mobster lifestyle),
    Erased (tear jerker, but really good),
    Mysterious Girlfriend X (weird O.O), and
    Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! (Cute little love story)
    any good? Would U suggest them? & Why?
    -What type of photography are U doing?
    -Thanx for the MT member reference.
    I'll def ask him privately for aid.
    -Ever been to Summer events in the USA
    called: Burning Man & Banaroo?
    Burning Man is in Las Vegas &
    Banaroo is in Tenesee.
    I figured since U were a DJ for
    so long U'd at least attended one event.
    I wanna go to each one at least one time.
    -Ready for Xmas next week?

  4. DontTellDad Dec 11, 2017

    youre a really nice guy kyle... i just wanted to say bye
    cuz i really dont think im commin back...
    im gonna miss you


  5. DontTellDad Dec 07, 2017

    Quote by pikachu36 haha no worries take your time and i'll be around. I am like this person too so no worries there ^^ I appreciate that you take it slow and think things through. You have my respect :)

    thanks kyle! ^__^

  6. DontTellDad Dec 02, 2017

    Quote by pikachu36 I understand completely what you mean. ^.^ I tend to be what you descried almost down to a tee. The only real difference with me is that in the past I have rushed into a relationship and found out how foolish that was haha (never again). Anyways glad my comment could make you happy ^-^ I um....wouldn't mind talking to you further and getting to know you better if you would like too ^///^, but perhaps maybe in a pm? Well either way options up to you.

    you mean youre a mr octopus O__O
    jk... XD

    no really... you mean your not the shy and quiet type irl? you seem cool to me when we talk here... if youre like that when ur with a girl... i mean not online... i think they would like you too... yknow?

    maybe in pm a little latr... ok? its not that i dont like you... its like... well ive been rushed before and... well yknow i think... right?

    thanks kyle!

  7. DontTellDad Dec 02, 2017

    Quote by pikachu36 Thank you ^^ I try to be a gentlemen when I can. Tbh though......I um....actually haven't ^///^, but I like it. It's a nice feeling ^//^ Sure you can tell me what you like in guy. Also yes....yes you are ^///^ I don't lie about such things.

    i know how you feel... just today some older dude at the restaurant said i have the prettiest eyes hes ever seen... i never saw him in the restraunt before and it sorta suprised me... i liked it thou and i think i blushed too XD

    well... i like a guy who gets me and listens when im talking... you know having a real conversation about what i like or what happened to me earlier and how i feel about stuff.... so many guys are just so into themself and only talk about theirself
    then some are too shy and say almost nothing... a guy who is brave and just walks over to me and smiles a for real smile and is nice and polite and acts relaxed and natural can be so hot... espesially if he isnt just tossing out complaments but just for real ones... and if hes interesting and confadent... wow { soooo melting into a big puddle }

    am i making sense here? :/

    oh... and then if hes kinda cute too... then i might want to see him again... somewhere safe so i know i will be ok around him until i know him better... later if i really like him maybe i might ask him to meet my dad and meet his parents too and see if they like me

    i dont like the mr octopus type that move too fast... these things should take time you know?

    thank you for the nice complament kyle... im blushin again for real >///<

  8. DontTellDad Nov 30, 2017

    Quote by pikachu36 ps.......your um not bad looking yourself ^///^

    for real? um... thanks


  9. DontTellDad Nov 30, 2017

    Quote by pikachu36 It's alright I would rather not pressure you into talking about something you don't want too. I'm sorry about whatever it is going on with your friend though and if you ever need someone to lend their ear and listen though i'm here :3. M me? I am? ^/////^ t thank you, sadly it hasn't helped me in the gf department haha. Hopefully someday *sighs* (i'm a hopeless romantic type)

    thank you for that kyle... you are a gentleman... if i need to talk ill tell you ^__^

    you act like a girl never said you were cute... there are lots of other reasons a girl would like a dude... im sure youll meet someone

    i can tell you a few things that i like in a guy when i meet him

  10. agent-Achika Nov 27, 2017

    Gd Evening Pikachu36!
    Long time no talk.
    -Glad your doing much better these days
    in regards to your emotional state.
    -What caused the transition from music DJ to photography?
    -My thanksgiving was ok.
    I mostly stayed home read manga series & slept lol.
    -Which series did U see?
    -Seen any new L.A films lately?
    L.A = (Live Action) just so ya know.
    For some odd reason none of my pics codes
    will display the actual photo itself on MT
    & I have no idea why.
    I tried pixabay.com & shuttershock.com
    but the pix won't show on ppls UPS.
    Do you know anyone here that
    can aid me in that error?
    Pic 4 U buddy
    ( https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/hot-chocolate-marsmallow-candies-524272588 )

  11. DontTellDad Nov 26, 2017

    Quote by pikachu36 Yeah most people I know are depressed as well. It's a very tricky thing to get out of. Honesty was never a problem with me. I am too brutally honest with everything. I prefer to be that way. The issue is more so with myself. I needed to learn to be open with myself and learn to love who I am as a person.

    yeah... depression is a big deal... my friend... nevermind i dont wanna talk about her now... sorry

    im not sad much but for her... im just frustrated and sometimes im sorta shy... then i kinda go crazy sometimes and i wonder whats wrong with me XD

    i know... right? you have to know yourself and love who you are and try to be better... oh btw youre a real cute dude kyle! at least from what i could see XD

  12. DontTellDad Nov 09, 2017

    Quote by pikachu36 I try to! I'm just getting out of a nasty depression so I feel pretty good at the moment :) The hardest life lesson to learn is deff to love yourself.

    really? it seems everyone is depressed that i know.. im happy youre better tho
    its also good to learn to be honest with yourself... and everyone else too and that means just being the real you... not acting i mean

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